Let's face it, 2020 wasn't the best year and you're probably not in the mood for another corporate April fools joke. So this year, we decided to make something more real.

Last year, our April fools joke imagined a graphic design software running on an Apple Watch called Vectornator Mini. Of course, drawing on such a small device is an absurd idea. But we've been looking at other ways to bringing the beauty of Vector Graphics onto your wrist.

We didn't expect to make last year's Vectornator on Apple Watch idea come true, but since our April fools joke was very well received by you, this day has come.

This is not a drill. Vectornator is coming to your wrist in a form of a new Watch Face that you can set on your Apple Watch featuring beautiful illustrations from more than 15 talented artists from the Vectornator community and Designed right on iPhone, iPad and Mac device.

It's time to wear Vector Art! Our #Vectornator watch face gallery features a selection of 4 Unique Watch faces and a beautiful collection of Vector illustrations that shuffle every time you glance at your watch. Available for free to download and use on Apple Watch running watchOS7 and later.

Made with Vectornator Watch Face - Download Link
Made With Vectornator Watch Face #2- Download Link
Vectornator Gradient Watch Face - Download Link
Auto Trace Watch Face - Download Link

A special thanks to the inspiring artists who created these beautiful masterpieces with Vectornator:

Liam Brazier, Aleksey Rico, Sarah Alice Rabbit, Kaye Kang, Samy Loewe, Charis Tsevis, Natalie Toneva, Muhammed Sajid, David Milan, Llama art lab, Maiki, Liza Chernenko, Aurore bay, Samy Loewe, Manu Nayak and Nastya Kuliabina!

Would you wear a Vectornator watch face? Let us know in the comments below!

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