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App Store screenshots that actually convert

App screen mockups are your business’s gateway to attracting users and achieving success on the App Store.

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Small screens, big impact

When it comes to those compact device screens, it's crucial for your team to showcase the best features of your product while maintaining consistent branding. Designing great App Store screenshots is the secret to winning over potential customers. However, if your team misses the mark, you could end up waving goodbye to thousands of potential customers.

Fortunately, Linearity’s tools equip your business with the power to optimize this limited space and create highly impactful App Store screenshots that drive downloads.

  • Quickly work on multiple Artboards at once
  • Elevate designs with our library of icons and photos
  • Quickstart your design process with fully customizable royalty free templates

Designing App Store screenhots

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Bring your team's creative arsenal into Linearity Curve by seamlessly importing your brand's color palette, photos, logos, UI elements, and other visuals. Your team has the freedom to position everything outside of your Artboards, granting designers the flexibility they need to handpick the perfect elements for each layout.

Remember to source device mockups in the needed screen sizes, or create them from scratch using our vector tools.

Skip ahead with templates

When your team is racing against a deadline, nothing beats the efficiency and convenience of leveraging ready-made designs from our extensive library of customizable templates.

Our templates have been meticulously crafted to comply with App Store guidelines and best practices, so your team can rest easy knowing that your screenshots will not only catch the eye but also meet all the platform's requirements. Choose templates that align with your brand’s vision, and simply switch up the colors, copy, and visual elements to make them truly yours.


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