What is the best alternative to Figma?

While Figma is a widely-used web application for collaborative interface design, Linearity Curve offers marketing design teams a more comprehensive solution.

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Why choose Linearity Curve over Figma?

Linearity Curve allows your team to create marketing assets that are much more complex and sophisticated than what Figma can deliver. Also, it’s easy to switch. You can open any Figma file inside Linearity Curve. Since both programs are vector-based, you can continue editing and refining your Figma files using our tools. And if real-time collaboration is Figma’s main draw for your team, stay tuned: RTC is coming soon to Linearity Curve.

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Pen Tool

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Cloud storage

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Animation integration

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Auto Trace

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Shape Builder

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Background removal

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3m+ free images

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80k+ free icons

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Design up to 30% faster
Optimize with AI-powered tools
Collaborate with your team

From sketch to vectors instantly

While Figma supports image importing and basic image editing capabilities, it doesn’t offer an automated tracing tool. In contrast, Linearity Curve stands out with its AI-powered Auto Trace feature, making your team's workflow much more efficient.

Auto Trace allows your team to quickly and easily turn sketches, photos, and raster illustrations into scalable vector paths that can be edited with ease.


This product is exceptional! User-friendly and versatile with great features!

Paul Rand
Paul Rand

Graphic designer

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A superior Pen Tool

Linearity Curve's Pen Tool gives your team advanced editing capabilities, unlike Figma. It gives your team the power to create curved or straight vector paths with remarkable precision.

And when combined with the Node Tool, your team unlocks even more control over anchor points; seamlessly switching between smooth and corner points, adjusting handles, and tweaking path segments. To top it off, color-coded Bézier nodes provide convenient visual clarity for your path’s start and end points.

  • Create accurate paths quickly and easily
  • Define the results with the Node Tool
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Multi-device application

Figma is a web-based tool, meaning it can be accessed on any device through your browser. However, once you import your Figma files in Linearity Curve, your team will have the ability to work offline. Linearity Curve is free to download and use on any iOS-supported device.

Our mobile apps for iPhone and iPad are touch-friendly, offering an efficient experience on the go. And for marketing teams looking to design on a larger canvas, our desktop app is the perfect choice. Plus, you'll soon be able to effortlessly share files from your workspace, fostering seamless teamwork and real-time feedback.


Endless third-party importing options

Since Linearity Curve is built by designers for designers, we’ve experienced the pain of bad import and export options in other tools before as well. That's why we built a software that can be used completely standalone and in combination with other tools.

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Jumpstart your ideas with our templates

No more staring at a blank canvas. Linearity Curve is home to a collection of over 1k+ design templates to help you start designing immediately.

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Library of over 80k free integrated assets

With Linearity Curve, you can access over 80k royalty-free icons and Apple SF Symbols to use in your designs. Plus, your team can even use our in-app Unsplash integration to import royalty-free images directly in the software.

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