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Linearity Move is the first animation tool designed for fast and easy marketing motion graphic creation. Animate your static assets in seconds and create marketing videos that actually convert.

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Drop animation minute costs by 90%
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Animate in one click

Our streamlined approach to motion design means you can spend less time fussing over complicated software and more time bringing your brand’s vision to life.

Transform static designs into eye-catching motion graphics instantly with Linearity Move's Auto Animate feature. No prior experience necessary.

  • Available on macOS and iPad

Fast and engaging animations


Slash your animation cost per minute and produce high-quality animated content for less. Simply import your files from Linearity Curve, Figma, Sketch, or Adobe Illustrator into Linearity Move and arrange each design in your timeline.

Speed up your workflow with presets

Let us do the hard part of animation for you, so you can focus on getting results. Linearity Move’s animation presets allow you to instantly add movement to your objects.

  • Apply complex movements in a single click
  • Fine-tune the results by editing the duration and animation curves
  • Make precise modifications in your timeline

The power of moving ideas

91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. It’s a powerful way to grab your audience's attention and drive real results.

2-3x higher CTRs
20-30% more conversions
53x better SEO ranking

The go-to solution for visionary teams

Join others in discovering the game-changing potential of Linearity Move and propel your business forward.

It's just great to see development on stuff like this. It feels like we are stuck in the corner somewhere and no one gives a damn until you make something pretty—so it's just nice to have active development on things that means that we can keep creating.

Liam Brazier, freelance illustrator
liam brazier

Animate files from anywhere and any device

Seamlessly bring in files from anywhere and animate them with ease.

From Curve to Move

Design your Artboards in Linearity Curve, and animate them in Linearity Move. Simply import your files and use our animation tools to bring your stories to life. We also support files from Figma, Sketch, and Adobe Illustrator.

mockup image Linearity Curve

Animate in a single click

Say goodbye to the headaches of manual animation and say hello to effortless, professional-looking motion graphics that are sure to impress your audience. Linearity Move is easy to use, and its templates and presets allow teams to create animated content in a single click. No training needed.

  • Text animations
  • Scene transitions
  • Shape animations
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Without growing the team

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