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Cut corners with Background Removal

No more manually tracing around your photo subjects. Our powerful, time-saving, AI-powered tool does the hard part for you.

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What is Background Removal?

Photo cut-outs in a single tap

Our intelligent, AI-powered Background Removal Tool is designed to work with raster images. It instantly removes the background of any photo, so you don’t have to spend precious time tracing around your subject.

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Faster photos for your marketing assets


Photos are a powerful way to communicate ideas. But in today's fast-paced digital world, you’ve got to compete for attention. Our Background Removal Tool helps to enhance the impact of your photos and ensure they get noticed.

First, import any photo directly into Linearity Curve, or browse over 1 million royalty-free images thanks to our Unsplash integration.

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Linearity Curve’s powerful suite of tools is ideal for marketing design. You can create user interfaces, social media posts, logos, lettering, and print designs, all in the same tool. Then bring your designs to life by animating them in Linearity Move.

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