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Meet the design suite that does it all. Turn your ideas into sleek vector design assets with Linearity Curve, then transform them into professional motion graphics with Linearity Move.

  • Craft your assets with precision design tools
  • Slash your CPM with intuitive AI-assisted animation
  • Iterate your ideas faster with templates
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Marketing design shouldn’t take forever

With Linearity Curve’s intuitive interface, powerful gesture controls, fully customizable templates, and AI-assisted tools like Auto Trace and Background Removal, you can turn your ideas into assets faster than ever.

Linearity Curve is my go-to design tool. It has an intuitive UI that caters to users of all levels. Curve’s insightful features open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Nastya Kuliàbina, illustrator
girl designer illustrator

澳洲10五号开奖结果168官网-澳洲幸运十开奖历史查询-168幸运澳洲10开奖官方直播 The next step in marketing animation

Animation should be easy. But most animation tools on the market are unintuitive and difficult to use. This makes creating motion graphics expensive and time-consuming. With Linearity Move, you can create professional 2D motion graphics in a fraction of the time.

澳洲幸运10正规官网开奖视频-幸运澳洲10开奖结果历史-168澳洲幸运10官网历史查询走势图 Animation that saves you money

With Linearity Move, anyone can create compelling motion graphics, whether they are an amateur designer or a professional animator. That means faster animation turnarounds for a lower cost.

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Motion graphics in one click

Import your designs from anywhere, and our automatic animation tools will do most of the work for you.

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Spend less per animation minute

Create assets in a fraction of the time, so your marketing spend goes further.

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Collaborate with your team

Share your work with your teammates, with real-time-collaboration and commenting coming soon.

Not your average design suite


Linearity Curve’s precision tools and fully customizable templates combined with Linearity Move’s intuitive animation allow you to turn your ideas into reality in record time. AI-powered features like Auto Trace and Background Removal modernize your workflow.

Work faster with AI tools

Linearity’s tools use AI to help your team work faster and more effectively, and we’re adding even more tools soon.

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    AI background removal

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    AI background replacement

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    AI-generated copy

  • ic-auto-trace icon

    AI-generated images

AI background removal

Picture this: you need to get rid of the image background before you can use it in your social media post. Instead of spending valuable time tracing the outline and cutting the rest away, just use Linearity's Background Removal feature. It’ll capture the important part of your image in seconds.

AI background replacement

You have the perfect product photo, but want to test different backgrounds. Just use our Background Replacement feature. Your new background can be whatever you imagine–a kitchen interior, an outdoor scene, or anything else. We take care of making it look realistic with right shadows and lighting. Coming soon.

AI-generated copy

Need copy? Just ask AI. No more jumping between lorem ipsum and final copy, and it’ll get your team to final designs that much faster. Coming soon.

AI-generated images

Generate artwork, shapes, and more for your design projects with AI image generation. No more stock imagery, no more custom shoots, and it’s always on-brand. Coming soon.

Design software that drives real results

30% faster

Linearity Curve’s AI-powered design tools and templates help you work up to 30% faster than while using other design tools.

>20% higher conversions

Video moves people to buy. With Linearity Move, you can quickly create powerful video marketing content that boosts your conversion rates.

2-3x greater click-through rate

Video ads drive 2-3x higher conversions than static images. Get your assets moving with Linearity Move.

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I've been dying to work with an intuitive animation tool for years. One click animation feature is super exciting!

Liam Brazier, freelance illustrator
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